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Falling in Love with Patient Care

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JPS Health Network Nursing team hosted a Nurse Award Luncheon on Wednesday, May 17, to celebrate nurses' commitment to providing excellent care to patients. Nurses play a vital role in a patient's healthcare journey, and these awards express appreciation for their dedication to providing exemplary care.

The ceremony celebrated the Gold Stethoscope Award recipients, which honors nurses striving to provide patients with the best clinical and compassionate care. There were 54 nominations submitted for the award. Afterward, a committee selects 20 nurses as Gold Stethoscope Award recipients. Among the recognition of this award, Nurse, Nurse Leader, and Rookie of the Year were announced.

"Every year, we recognize 20 special nurses across the organization as Gold Stethoscope recipients, with one being our Nurse of the Year," said Jill Farrell, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer. "They were all nominated by their peers, which is special. I want to say congratulations! Continue doing great work at JPS, teach your peers, and take great care of our patients."

Each nurse was selected because of their remarkable contribution to patient care at JPS. Nancy Armstrong, RN Patient Placement Coordinator, received the honor of Nurse of the Year. Armstrong has dedicated 37 years to serving the JPS community, and her work has not gone unnoticed.

All I ever wanted to do was care for people. I come from a family of 16 children, so I've cared for people all my life. I decided to become a nurse because it didn't feel any different; it was life. I appreciate this award because it shows me how appreciated I am.

"I can't explain the feeling I felt when they called my name for this award," Armstrong said. "All I ever wanted to do was care for people. I come from a family of 16 children, so I've cared for people all my life. I decided to become a nurse because it didn't feel any different; it was life. I appreciate this award because it shows me how appreciated I am."

Armstrong is said to be a nurse who does not differentiate in the delivery of the care she provides. A moment that stuck out to her nominator was when she cared for a highly intoxicated patient. As the patient's sister was leaving, she stated that she was impressed with Armstrong's care because she treated them respectfully, even if they were difficult. Years later, the patient's sister returned, but this time to interview for a nursing position. She shared that her primary reason for wanting to work in the emergency medicine unit was Armstrong's impact. Not only was Armstrong an inspiration for her, she inspired her two daughters and granddaughter to become a nurse.

"I love JPS. It's home," Armstrong said. "I love the people I work with and the patients we serve. We get a diverse group of patients who are always thankful, which brings me joy."

Jasmine Gambrell, BSN, RN, PCCN, was announced Rookie of the Year for her dedication and determination to be the best. She started at JPS as a Medical Technician and hasn’t stopped growing her skills. She graduated nursing school in 2021, and since being hired on E3 as a critical care nurse, she’s obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCNN) certification. Gambrell is now working towards earning her Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification and hopes to become a member of the Medical Emergency Team (MET) in the future. Her nominator said she is a compassionate nurse, and nursing is her calling.

“Receiving Rookie of the Year shows me that hard work does pay off, and it doesn’t matter how new or experienced you are; no matter what you do, you can achieve it,” Gambrell said. “I worked hard because I love taking care of people. That’s why I became a tech first because I knew I wanted to be a nurse and work at JPS. It was a perfect opportunity to learn about the culture, diversity, and the patients JPS serves because I love the patients that we care for.”

To be an advocate for her team and serve the JPS population is at the forefront for Nurse Leader of the Year, Patrice Milton, RN Clinical Manager, P5. She is described as a leader that embodies what it is to be an inspiring and caring caregiver.

Jasmine Gambrell, BSN, RN, PCCN,

“I am honored just to have been nominated for Nurse Leader of the Year because I try to do what everyone needs me to do to help them get through their day and processes,” Milton said. “I feel like my work is standard, but it makes me feel like I am doing the right thing, so I’m serving my purpose in life.”

Milton has served the JPS community for 20 years. As a leader, she promotes evidence-based practices to improve patient care. She chose to obtain her greenbelt in Lean Six Sigma and is a member of our Falls, Burns, Zero Pressure Injuries, and Zero CAUTI/CLABSI Committees. She is also a member of the Nurse Quality and Safety, Nurse Manager, and Nurse Professional Development councils.

“It’s the community we serve and the diversity of the staff and the patients,” Milton said. “I grew up in a rural area, so I wasn’t exposed to much, and I’ve learned so much about myself by working with other cultures, navigating communication, and dealing with them by working here. I am just a servant at heart, and the core of nursing is to serve others, and I just fell in love with patient care.”

Patrice Milton, RN Clinical Manager, P5


2023 Gold Stethoscope Award Recipients

Nancy Armstrong

Alyssa Metcalf

Leah Navarro

Annamma “Anna” John

Marie Sheila Wood

Osvaldo Lara

Albert “Dave” Conner

Sara Elliott

David Peacock

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Christin Dotson

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